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Is All Time Record High Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Will Face Sudden Death?

Is All Time Record High Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Will Face Sudden Death?

If you ever invested in Bitcoin this scary thought must be moving around your mind. Why the Bitcoin price is plunges and what makes its dropping value?

All the Cryptocurrencies are on the dangerous slope and what next?

We are sharing some related information that might help you understand the reason of fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The cryptocurrencies are seemingly high two days ago and now showing sign of falling down without a break.  The value is just plummeting to the ground, recording down of all 100 cryptos to 15-30%.

Ongoing market valuation and value of cryptocurrencies

However the market of the cryptocurrencies is swinging between 650 billion USD to 450 billion USD. This is the huge downfall in only 48 hours time which is estimated to be around 30 percent.   
Just two days ago Bitcoin is dropping to $ 10000 and it assumes to be stable. But something has change and its value after hike of $11000 dropping below $10000.

bitcoin drop
bitcoin graph

What happen to other cryptocurrencies?

In past 48 hours other cryptocurrencies are also plummeting. Thought ETH is going down to 22.5% at $850, Ripple is dropping by 26.3% and now value is $1.03 and carrying on. The crash of cryptos will trigger traders to move on fiat currencies and sell off.
Tether token is not affected by the any harm of the crash and its record is intact in last seven days. The new hardfork is one of the kind reasons for cryptos dropping value but the unpredictable plunge is very scary.

Reason behind huge sell off and dropping value

The scariest of all no one has know about the sell off and devaluation of cryptocurrencies. Asian countries trying to regulate the cryptocurrencies and making them legal tender but it is came to be a rumor only. Nothing is any concrete about the news regarding cyrptos crash.

Traders’ opinion on the present issue

Finally some traders come up with positive talk on such plunge of value and calling it as a market correction. Such experimental correction is needed for welfare of long-term life of cryptocurrencies world.

Thursday, 28 December 2017

 Result CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result

Result CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result

Result expected today, CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result 9900 candidates are sorted out from 50K applicants Here are Some Details of Bihar police constable exam 
What is CSBC
Brief info
Exam 2017 Result
CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam Result 2017

CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result
CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result

Result expected today, CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 9900 candidates are sorted out from 50K Applicants

CSBC conducted constable Exam of 2017, the exam held on 15th and 22nd October in the Bihar state. However this exam has 9900 vacancies to be filling by Bihar state applicants. In Bihar many students has been waiting for this exam result. Over a lakhs of applicants applied forms of this exam out of which 50K actually take the exam. CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result

What is CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam?

CSBC exam is conducted by Bihar state Police department to hire candidates on post of constable in the department. Furthermore CSBC exam 2017 took place on 15th and 22nd of October. In addition to this CSBC stands for Central selection Board of Constable (CSBC) check the official website: - CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result

CSBC Constable Exam 2017 Result

CSBC conducted this exam on 15th and 22nd October for 9900 vacancies in the State Police. Moreover selection is has to be taken out from 50000 candidates and the applicants selected will undergo further process. Those who are appeared for CSBC exam should keep on check more information about result.

How to see CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam Result 2017?

·         Visit the official website
·         Go to the Bihar Police section, check the notification related to CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017
·         Download the PDF and find your name by CTRL+F with your roll number
·         Save the result for future reference

Brief info about CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam   

This exam was conducted by CSBC and held on the following dates of 15th and 22nd October 2017. The time duration for the session was 10AM – 12PM, 2PM-4PM and on 22nd 10AM-12PM.

Candidate was given 2 hours of time to attempt the exam of carrying 100 marks that comprised of multiple choice questions. There will be a next round of selection process for physical endurance. After the Physical test then the written exam will take place for final candidates. Moreover every candidate has to score minimum of 30 marks in the written exam held in October.  CSBC Bihar Police Constable Exam 2017 Result
Jio Media Cable Online Booking, Features, Price And Launch Date

Jio Media Cable Online Booking, Features, Price And Launch Date

jio media cable online booking
Jio Media Cable Online Booking

Jio Media Cable Online Booking, Features, Price And Launch Date in jaipur, delhi, up, bihar, rajasthan,Maharashtra, bangal 

Jio Phone booking is now open and you can get this awesome phone without making any hole in the pocket.  With Jio phone you can have Jio Media cable to synchronize you mobile display with big TV screen.  Moreover for Phone you have to pay only a sum of Rs 1500 as a upfront cost and then after 3 years of use return it and get your money back. However the first installment is Rs 500 and then pay rest Rs 1000 when you receive the phone.

What is Jio Media Cable?

Connect your Jio phone with Jio Media cable and watch Jio display on the any big TV screen.  Therefore watch the Jio Media cable on where you can see how to connect your jio smartphone with big Screens through Jio media cable.  There are two option of Jio Media cable one for LED screen and another for CRT screen. Both types have different ports for different displays.

Jio media cable online booking

Jio Media cable is available for online booking without any problem. Go and visit and buy your Jio media cable by direct purchase. Also you can buy Jio Media cable by Flipkart and Amazon
  • Visit Jio Media cable at
  • Login or create new account
  • Click on Buy option
  • Enter the shipping address
  • Proceed to pay by credit/debit/UPI

Jio Media Cable Price

There are two models available name as M532 and M533 in the market.
The first one M532 model is use for Old CRT and M533 model is use for modern LEDs or LCDs.  In addition to this the price of Jio Media cable is around Rs 249 and Rs 349 respectively.

Jio Media Cable Launch Date

The Jio Media cable launch date is expected to be in December 2017.  However due to some changes it is extended and hence you can buy it  when available. Don’t worry Reliance Jio will announce any news regarding this.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Book your smartphone Vodafone Itel A20 price is just R1590

Book your smartphone Vodafone Itel A20 price is just R1590

Vodafone Itel A20 price

Vodafone Itel A20 price is just R1590, very affordable range mobile phone this website have smartphone specs and features and plans details.

Vodafone Itel A20 price is just R1590, very affordable

All new Vodafone Itel A20 price is every effective i.e. Rs 1590. Like Jio and Airtel now Vodafone wants to be in the competition. However Vodafone also providing good 4G service but when it comes to the competition don’t want to leave behind. When compare to Jio smartphone and Airtel Intex Aqua lions N1. Vodafone’s Itel has 1GB RAM, 4-inch WVGA display, 1.3GHz processor and Android 7.0 Nougat.
The price Itel is Rs 3690 but vodafone is giving a very impressive cashback offer of Rs 2100. So the price is just Rs 1590 and becomes among the most affordable smartphones in the market.

Vodafone Itel A20 price, features and plan offering

The offer is suggest to valid on Rs 150 recharge monthly for 36 months or 3 years. Vodafone offer says recharge can be done at once or monthly basis. And after the use of first 18 months customer can avail Rs 900 as cashback through M-Pesa wallets. Similarly the rest Rs 1200 in the next 18 months use. However the bundle-offer for this phone available till March 31 2018.
Itel A20 by Vodafone is become an entry level Smartphone with bundle offer. However Airtel and BSNL are about to launching their cheap smartphones in the market. Airtel joined hands with Intex and working on Aqua Lions N1 in affordable price of Rs 1649. Moreover BSNL is partnership with Micromax to launch the Bharat 1 at just Rs 2200.

Vodafone Itel A20 specs 

Most amazing Itel runs on Android 7.0 Nougat which has 4-inch WVGA (480x800) display. It runs on 1.3GHz quad-core processor with 1GB RAM and 8GB internal storage. However you can expand the storage to 32GB through micro SD card. Rear camera is 2-megapixel with flash and front facing is 0.3 Megapixel. Dual SIM A20 has 1500 mAh battery and comes in Dark Blue, Silver and Champagne color.

Bigg Bosss 11 Arshi khan bagged another reality show after elimination

Bigg Bosss 11 Arshi khan bagged another reality show after elimination

We are back by another update on Bigg boss 11. According to Arshi khan will soon appear in another TV reality Show. After her unexpected elimination both Arshi’s fans and she are unhappy. Most of her fans criticizing the decision and not welcoming it. The Bigg boss 11 is full of twist and turns making fans happy and angry at the same time.

Bigg Bosss 11 Arshi khan

Definitely it is good news for the Bigg boss 11 fans that are supporting Arshi khan. She will return soon in the new show “Entertainment ki Raat” on the Colors TV. Entertainment ki Raat recently launch the first episode air on 18 November 2017.

Arshi will back on show with two veteran villains of Bollywood

Arshi Khan is very talented ex-contestant of the Bigg boss 11 but now she is out of the show. Now Colors TV is planning another reality TV show which is hosting by popular villains of Bollywood. Suprisingly Shakti Kapoor and Ranjeet our old super villains hosting the show.  

Entertainment ki Raat on Colors

Moreover the news is in this show both the host will roast Arshi with the mean remarks. She will have to defend herself as well as answer to win the argument. We assume there is going to be lots of fun as we expect Arshi to hit back and win. Nobody has expected her to leave the Bigg boss but the decision is made. Meanwhile Arshi has made very good fans following and a potential repo on the TV.

Bigg Boss 11 Voting

After Arshi evicted from the house she was asked to name to semi-finalists. Bigg boss provides power to her voting as she is leaving the show. Arshi named two contestants Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma later Vikas Gupta was selected through Bigg boss live voting.

Arshi discard all the differences with Shilpa Shinde as we know both involve in fights throughout the season. Finally Arshi accepted her fault to call Shilpa “Ghatiya” and “Wahiyaat”. Both hugged each other and Arshi khan left the Bigg boss house.
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Monday, 25 December 2017

Bigg boss 11 on 25 december 2017 episode updates

Bigg boss 11 on 25 december 2017 episode updates

In this following episode of Bigg boss 11 three canditates went to jail namely vikas, Arshi and Akash. Moreover other incidents caught as Pumeesh, Akash teases Arshi. Also Akash and Vikas get into fight when Akash calls Vikas donkey “Gadha”. This makes other housemates worried a little.

This season of bigg boss has come with variety of twist and sizzling stories. In addition to this Hina refues any word with Priyanka and she didn’t even listen her for apology.

Bigg boss 11 fist fight

In another event Akash was making fun of both Luv and Priyanka in the Jail. So Vikas took Akash’s jacket and went to toilet. However Vikas tried to stop him by locking in the toilet but Akash broke out and claimed to flush Vikas’s jacket.

This fight has evolved and Vikas threw bad breath at Akash’s face again and again. So action gets reaction when Akash pushed him away and thus physical fight started. Disengaged by Bigg boss they both were in confession room, and released after warning.  

Bigg Boss 11 voting

This weekend bigg boss 11 will get the first semi-finalist. Futhermore in this list one contestant among eight will select for Semis. In addtion to this Salman Khan annouced that any housemaets get maximum votes during live voting will be in Semi-final.                                                               
At this point in Bigg boss 11 contestants fighting to their neck and running to get the trophy. However the list is almost in making but the temperament is all-time high in the house. Also new friendships are scaling and new enemies are born here just to make chances to win.  

Bigg boss 11 live

Bigg boss gives the contestants a limit to take decision for captainship. So after discussion Priyanka and Luv stand down and then shilpa follows the lead. However later Hina Khan becomes the new Captain in the House. 

Akash and Puneesh conspiring against Arshi and wrote Zero on the top of her jail cell. Many more stories like this and much fun we will right back to you after new episode till then bye.


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Friday, 22 December 2017

Google Tez App All You Need To know, Collaboration With Xiaomi Mobiles

Google Tez App All You Need To know, Collaboration With Xiaomi Mobiles

Recently Google launch a UPI app Tez for portable fund transactions. After digital India initiative a new payment method designed by NPCI (National Payment Cooperation of India). Google Tez App was released in September 2017 and since then earns trust of over 12 million users. Moreover in India Tez app is accounting 7.5 million user increase by last week.

Furthermore Google Tez app is increasing its platform and become a secure way to pay utility and mobile bills.

Xiaomi collaborating with Google Tez App

In addition to this China based popular mobile company Xiaomi allowing their customer to make payment by Tez app. On the online store you can buy any item using Tez as a payment method.

Xiaomi has wide range of products includes mobile and mobile accessories. However more products with different category are also available on Xiaomi store. Similarly Google is working to boost Tez adoption by customers, hence joined hands with e-commerce.

Additionally with this merger Google Tez app is processing over 140 million transactions. Not to mention making quadruple growth rate in normal transactions. with Tez app

Correspondingly Google stated that is getting more than 21 millions unique visitors every month. Also making many more millions user active on daily uses. Moreover Mi store app has over more than 20 million organic downloads on the Google Play store.

Google is trying to footing E-commerce market in India. This collaboration with Xiaomi may prove as an initial step for them. However this merger of services is definitely gains for the companies.
More robust in approach the hectic of choosing payment method on Xiaomi is removed. Of course it is very easy to use Tez UPI IDs and pay for any services. Moreover funds transaction does not require you to fill banking details again and again.

Xiaomi is dominating mobile brand in India and expanding its influence in the market. The most affordable smartphone is niche of Xiaomi and thus capturing 50% of smartphone market in India itself.

Latest Tez App Download

Make your first payment And Get 51 Rs
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What Do Mean By Phonepe App? And How It Works?

What Do Mean By Phonepe App? And How It Works?

Download The Latest Phonepe app and Phonepe Coupon And referral code are here. Phonepe Filpkart Offer and PhonePe Jio Offer Details Are here.

Phonepe is a Fin-Tech Company situated at Bangalore, India; it was appear back in December 2015.  Moreover the sole purpose of Phonepe App is to provide online payment system which is based on UPI (Unified Payments Interface). UPI is the new process of electronic fund transfer; it was launched by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). If you bother about its authorization then we want to look at.  Even though Phonepe has license of RBI (Reserve Bank of India) for issuance and operations of Semi Closed prepaid payment system.

Know The Phonepe Flipkart Offer

We want you to know about great Phonepe Flipkart offer. You can get 100% cashback on shopping through Phonepe App However the maximum Cashback is of Rs 100. You can win 100% flat cashback which is maximum of Rs 100 on COD (cash on delivery). When you receive your product at home pay via Phonepe and get reward of cashback.

Phonepe Wiki

It is interesting to know more about Phonepe, so please go to Phonepe Wiki. Here you will find every information regarding past and present of Phonepe.

Phonepe customer care number with 24*7 support and helpline, and registered office address

If you are the user of Phonepe and want some help regarding the usage. Kindly note down the Phonepe customer care number 01246789345 and contact according to your need. Here you will find all your answers to your problems regarding app use.

More ways are available to contact Phonepe customer support. By E-mail id, office address and social media pages contact and solve your query quickly.

Notably write down the Phonepe registered address
FX Mart Private Limited
A-25, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Area
New Delhi South 110044

Phonepe Jio Offer

Go and get flat Rs 75 cashback on your first Jio Recharge of Rs 300. And additional Rs 30 cashback for old Jio customers on the same recharge amount.

How To Download PhonePe App 

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Tenor D Amazon’s 10.or D Online Booking Start Now

Tenor D Amazon’s 10.or D Online Booking Start Now

10.or D online booking
Book Your 10.or D Smatphone
Amazon’s 10.or D online booking is start Now Book your 10.or D phone. This 10.or D smartphone Specification, RAM, Processor, internal Storage, Display, camera details are here.

All new Amazon’s 10.or D online booking is available, phone with 3500mAh in just Rs 4999

Amazon India has launched 10.or D (Tenor D) online on its website. Moreover Tenor D online booking is available; Amazon wants to give competition to Xiaomi’s Redmi 5A. However 5A has huge friend following and has been sold in millions.

10.or D Mobile amazon is somehow identical to Redmi 5A but with better specs. Slightly better battery backup of 3500mAh, 2GB/3GB RAM, 32GB storage and fingerprint scanner at this price.  

10.or D online booking and much more

Most of the 10.or D is similar to Redmi 5A such as snapdragon 425 processor with 2GB/3GB RAM in option. Furthermore camera is standard 13-megapixels for rear and 5-megapixels for front. 10.or D has stiff competition with Redmi 5A in a budget smartphone category. 10.or D online booking is available on Amazon and what we suggest just go and grab it.

It is quite amazing that to purchase a smartphone like such configuration in just Rs 4999. However in less than 3 years ago buying smartphone with specs like this is impossible in this price range. 

Specification limelight of 10.or D

10.or D online booking

RAM: - There are two RAM options are available one is 2GB and 3GB likewise Redmi 5A.

Processor: - It is powered with 1.4 GHz quad core snapdragon 425 processor (The Cortex A53) and graphic chip of Adreno 308.

Internal Storage: - The storage is in options 16GB and 32GB with respect to RAM variants of 2GB/3GB.

Display: - 10.orD has 5.2-inch HD (720x1280) with bezels

Camera: - The rear camera is 13-megapixels with flash sensor and front facing camera is 5-megapixel at this unbelievable price.Firmware: - Google Android Nougat 7.1.2 version and updated with premium Amazon applications such as Kindle and Prime Videos.

Battery: - The battery is major game changer here with 3500mAh it becomes most reliable phone of two days power backup.

Fingerprint sensor: - 10.or D has fingerprint sensor at the back, company claim it’s unlock timing is just .03 second long. Put this phone in category of the cheapest fingerprint scanner phone.

The unbelievable price and 10.or D online booking availability

First of all the price is just Rs 4999 which makes it most affordable. In addition to this specifications are unbelievable of 2GB/3GB RAM and storage range of 16GB/32GB. We can say it is a challenge to Redmi 5A in areas of battery backup, camera and in fingerprint sensor. 10.or D online booking is exclusively available on Amazon and will starts at January 5, 2018. This phone is coming with minimum one year manufacturing warranty. Additionally one year warranty is also available for Amazon Prime users.

Amazon has brought this phone on customer’s feedback and demand of budget phones. As Amazon is footing in the new market of budget phones and affordable phone segment. Likewise Xiaomi Amazon is trying to attract customers for affordable smartphone market. In less than 2 years Xiaomi has sold millions of smartphones in India alone.  

Get more details on other websites: Freedom251info
Book From Amazon : 10 or d

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Best 2018 Smartphones That You Keen To Buy

Best 2018 Smartphones That You Keen To Buy

Here are some 2018 smartphones that will make you fall in love after knowing about them. In the marketplace everyday many smartphones launched and each one has its own characteristics. Moreover new and advanced technology let people switch from old smartphones to new one. Surprisingly big brands infusing market with latest technology based smartphone. We like you to keep updated so please visit our next post regarding best phones 2018.

2018 Smartphones
Best Mobile Under 20000

Top 10 Smartphones Under 20000 In 2018

Taking care of people’s choice we have find 10 optional choices in this category.

Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 is expected to launch in 4th October 2018, better known as rival for iPhone X. However price is now fix but we assume it will be under 20000 bands. Also this device believes to have android 9.0P, 7nm Snapdragon 845 processor and 18:9 OLED panels.

Huawei P11

Are you awaiting for February 2018 launch of P11 which is also a successor of P10. This mobile will get Kirin 970 chip to deliver 25 times more CPU performance.


LG G7 is brightest among 2018 smartphones and will launch in January 2018. Similarly it will also have Snapdragon 845 processor.

Nokia 9

This phone is going to be Nokia’s flagship mobile phone. It is expected that it comes with 6GB RAM and 64GB storage capacity. Accordingly it will launch in January 2018, Nokia expect grand sale of this phone.

Samsung Galaxy S9

It is potential launch in February 2018. Particularly comes with 7nm Snapdragon 845 or 8nm Exynos 9810 processor. Having dual rear lens and fingerprint scanner on the infinity display is the new thing. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Mini

This is an updated phone of the Samsung Galaxy S8 version. Probably launch in February 2018. Keep updated by our next post reading S9 Mini specification.

Galaxy Note X

The much awaited phone of the year 2018. Also known as Project Valley, the specialty of dual screens i.e. one on each side. You can unfold it to get 7 inch display which is quite amazing.

Mi Mix 3

Probably Mi Mix 3 will launch in October 2018. Furthermore it is an updated version of Mi Mix 2. This time it is round on the edges and with advanced specs.

Top smartphones 2017

In order to describe that highly recommended smartphones of year 2017, one should know the difference. Of course you desperately want to know does your phone is in the list? Or not. As well as wish list of 2018 smartphones is a reflection of top smartphones 2017.

  • OnePlus 5T
  •  OnePlus 3T 
  • LG G6
  • HTC U11
  • OnePlus 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

Best Mobile Under 20000 With Best Camera

Moto G5 Plus

This phone is under 20000 range and with real good camera. Furthermore rear camera is 12 MP to provide better picture quality even in dull light.

Honor 8

With front facing camera of 8 MP makes it best selfie phone under 20000 rupees. Primary camera is 12&12 MP dual lens, that makes is best camera mobile phone of the year 2017.

Nubia Z11 MINI

This phone is in high demand since the launch, and in our list deserves the special honor. Moreover primary camera is 16 MP and front facing is 8MP.

Honor 6X

This phone has primary camera of 12&2 MP. Likewise Front facing is 8MP and hence is also remain best for 2018 smartphones list.

Samsung Galaxy On Max

This phone is run on Mediatek MT6757 processor. Moreover its camera makes it is one of the best phones in Samsung for camera use. Both rear and front facing camera makes it 13MP.

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Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Winner Of the 66th Miss Universe 2017 competition

Winner Of the 66th Miss Universe 2017 competition

The 66th Miss Universe 2017 competition is held in Las Vegas. Demi-Leigh Nel- Peters won the crown, she was representing South Africa.

Miss Universe 2017

The event occurred at AXIS Theater at Planet Hollywood casino resort in Las Vegas. Miss Universe shared her dream to fight against HIV/AIDS and promote self-defence for the woman.  As HIV/AIDS is a big problem in South Africa and spreading all over the world. And she is reluctant to work to save people from this incurable disease.

Miss Nel-Peters will get an annual salary, a lavish apartment in New York. As well as certain prices like promotions by different brands. She is the second woman from South Africa who won this title. South Africa is Miss Universe 2017.

As we talk about runner-up the names are Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez and second Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett. However, there are 92 women who had participated in this competition.

Have a look at Miss Universe pageant 

This year in the history of Miss Universe competition has first representatives of countries like Nepal, Cambodia and Laos.

When the baffling question was asked to Miss Universe winners about the important issue women are facing in the workplace. Then Nel-Peters said the lack of equal pay in the workplace. As in some places, women get 75% of what men earn for doing the same job and same hours. Nel-Peters recently earned her business management degree. Hence she is promoting the idea for equal pay for equal work for every woman all over the world.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Facebook Home page and Bio

Miss universe 2017
Demi-Leigh Nel- Peters
Check out the Demi Nel- Peters Home Facebook page

Miss Universe 2017 lives in the coastal community of Sedgefield in Western Cape in South Africa. One time she was robbed at the gunpoint. As this incident took place one month after she had won the Miss South Africa. Since then she is helping in the program that trains women in self-defence in South Africa. 

Various famous personalities were present in Miss Universe Pageant. In fact, some actors, famous politicians and Hollywood executives are facing charges of Sexual misconduct against the woman. For example, Harvey Weinstein is facing allegation for sex trafficking in Cannes festival.

Nel-peters openly criticized every form of abuse to the woman anywhere at home or workplace. She claimed herself feel empowered by the 91 other woman on the stage. Moreover, describe each contestants representing woman empowerment. As they all are winners from their respective country and representing themselves.

Steve Harvey is back after botching act on Miss Universe 2015

Steven Harvey after messed up experience in the previous event, still present hosting for Miss Universe 2017 competition.

Amidst about this year’s competition let’s talk about an incident from Miss Universe 2015 competition.

Given that Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner and admit it by saying “My Mistake! Disaster”. Surprisingly Miss Colombia was almost the Miss Universe 2015 winner then she had to take off her crown.

The crown then awarded to Miss Philippines and all this was covering on live broadcasting. Apparently, Ariadna Gutierrez said she was happy and everything happens for a reason". Henceforth the celebration went on and Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe 2015 title. Entertainment 

France won the 2016 Miss Universe crown
Miss Iris Mittenaere from France won the title of Miss Universe 2016. She was in her 5th year of pursuing a degree in Dental surgery. And Iris belongs to northern France and was born in Lille in the Nord Pas de Calais.
2016 Miss Universe

Even if being a Dental Surgeon she wants to advocate children rights and education. Also spreading awareness about oral care is her objective. Additionally, she also likes adventurous sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping. After being Miss Universe 2016 crown holder she loves cooking French food and travelling.