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Winner Of the 66th Miss Universe 2017 competition

The 66th Miss Universe 2017 competition is held in Las Vegas. Demi-Leigh Nel- Peters won the crown, she was representing South Africa.

Miss Universe 2017

The event occurred at AXIS Theater at Planet Hollywood casino resort in Las Vegas. Miss Universe shared her dream to fight against HIV/AIDS and promote self-defence for the woman.  As HIV/AIDS is a big problem in South Africa and spreading all over the world. And she is reluctant to work to save people from this incurable disease.

Miss Nel-Peters will get an annual salary, a lavish apartment in New York. As well as certain prices like promotions by different brands. She is the second woman from South Africa who won this title. South Africa is Miss Universe 2017.

As we talk about runner-up the names are Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez and second Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett. However, there are 92 women who had participated in this competition.

Have a look at Miss Universe pageant 

This year in the history of Miss Universe competition has first representatives of countries like Nepal, Cambodia and Laos.

When the baffling question was asked to Miss Universe winners about the important issue women are facing in the workplace. Then Nel-Peters said the lack of equal pay in the workplace. As in some places, women get 75% of what men earn for doing the same job and same hours. Nel-Peters recently earned her business management degree. Hence she is promoting the idea for equal pay for equal work for every woman all over the world.

Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters Facebook Home page and Bio

Miss universe 2017
Demi-Leigh Nel- Peters
Check out the Demi Nel- Peters Home Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/demileighnp/

Miss Universe 2017 lives in the coastal community of Sedgefield in Western Cape in South Africa. One time she was robbed at the gunpoint. As this incident took place one month after she had won the Miss South Africa. Since then she is helping in the program that trains women in self-defence in South Africa. 

Various famous personalities were present in Miss Universe Pageant. In fact, some actors, famous politicians and Hollywood executives are facing charges of Sexual misconduct against the woman. For example, Harvey Weinstein is facing allegation for sex trafficking in Cannes festival.

Nel-peters openly criticized every form of abuse to the woman anywhere at home or workplace. She claimed herself feel empowered by the 91 other woman on the stage. Moreover, describe each contestants representing woman empowerment. As they all are winners from their respective country and representing themselves.

Steve Harvey is back after botching act on Miss Universe 2015

Steven Harvey after messed up experience in the previous event, still present hosting for Miss Universe 2017 competition.

Amidst about this year’s competition let’s talk about an incident from Miss Universe 2015 competition.

Given that Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner and admit it by saying “My Mistake! Disaster”. Surprisingly Miss Colombia was almost the Miss Universe 2015 winner then she had to take off her crown.

The crown then awarded to Miss Philippines and all this was covering on live broadcasting. Apparently, Ariadna Gutierrez said she was happy and everything happens for a reason". Henceforth the celebration went on and Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach won the Miss Universe 2015 title. Entertainment 

France won the 2016 Miss Universe crown
Miss Iris Mittenaere from France won the title of Miss Universe 2016. She was in her 5th year of pursuing a degree in Dental surgery. And Iris belongs to northern France and was born in Lille in the Nord Pas de Calais.
2016 Miss Universe

Even if being a Dental Surgeon she wants to advocate children rights and education. Also spreading awareness about oral care is her objective. Additionally, she also likes adventurous sports such as skydiving, bungee jumping. After being Miss Universe 2016 crown holder she loves cooking French food and travelling. 

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