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Jio Media Cable Online Booking, Features, Price And Launch Date

jio media cable online booking
Jio Media Cable Online Booking

Jio Media Cable Online Booking, Features, Price And Launch Date in jaipur, delhi, up, bihar, rajasthan,Maharashtra, bangal 

Jio Phone booking is now open and you can get this awesome phone without making any hole in the pocket.  With Jio phone you can have Jio Media cable to synchronize you mobile display with big TV screen.  Moreover for Phone you have to pay only a sum of Rs 1500 as a upfront cost and then after 3 years of use return it and get your money back. However the first installment is Rs 500 and then pay rest Rs 1000 when you receive the phone.

What is Jio Media Cable?

Connect your Jio phone with Jio Media cable and watch Jio display on the any big TV screen.  Therefore watch the Jio Media cable on where you can see how to connect your jio smartphone with big Screens through Jio media cable.  There are two option of Jio Media cable one for LED screen and another for CRT screen. Both types have different ports for different displays.

Jio media cable online booking

Jio Media cable is available for online booking without any problem. Go and visit and buy your Jio media cable by direct purchase. Also you can buy Jio Media cable by Flipkart and Amazon
  • Visit Jio Media cable at
  • Login or create new account
  • Click on Buy option
  • Enter the shipping address
  • Proceed to pay by credit/debit/UPI

Jio Media Cable Price

There are two models available name as M532 and M533 in the market.
The first one M532 model is use for Old CRT and M533 model is use for modern LEDs or LCDs.  In addition to this the price of Jio Media cable is around Rs 249 and Rs 349 respectively.

Jio Media Cable Launch Date

The Jio Media cable launch date is expected to be in December 2017.  However due to some changes it is extended and hence you can buy it  when available. Don’t worry Reliance Jio will announce any news regarding this.

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