Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Is All Time Record High Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Will Face Sudden Death?

If you ever invested in Bitcoin this scary thought must be moving around your mind. Why the Bitcoin price is plunges and what makes its dropping value?

All the Cryptocurrencies are on the dangerous slope and what next?

We are sharing some related information that might help you understand the reason of fall of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
The cryptocurrencies are seemingly high two days ago and now showing sign of falling down without a break.  The value is just plummeting to the ground, recording down of all 100 cryptos to 15-30%.

Ongoing market valuation and value of cryptocurrencies

However the market of the cryptocurrencies is swinging between 650 billion USD to 450 billion USD. This is the huge downfall in only 48 hours time which is estimated to be around 30 percent.   
Just two days ago Bitcoin is dropping to $ 10000 and it assumes to be stable. But something has change and its value after hike of $11000 dropping below $10000.

bitcoin drop
bitcoin graph

What happen to other cryptocurrencies?

In past 48 hours other cryptocurrencies are also plummeting. Thought ETH is going down to 22.5% at $850, Ripple is dropping by 26.3% and now value is $1.03 and carrying on. The crash of cryptos will trigger traders to move on fiat currencies and sell off.
Tether token is not affected by the any harm of the crash and its record is intact in last seven days. The new hardfork is one of the kind reasons for cryptos dropping value but the unpredictable plunge is very scary.

Reason behind huge sell off and dropping value

The scariest of all no one has know about the sell off and devaluation of cryptocurrencies. Asian countries trying to regulate the cryptocurrencies and making them legal tender but it is came to be a rumor only. Nothing is any concrete about the news regarding cyrptos crash.

Traders’ opinion on the present issue

Finally some traders come up with positive talk on such plunge of value and calling it as a market correction. Such experimental correction is needed for welfare of long-term life of cryptocurrencies world.

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